Bar Graphs
Bar Graph in Blue, White and Yellow
03_AA_bar graph_blu whi yel detail.jpg
Bar Graph in Orange and Purple
02_AA_bar graph_orange purple_detail L.jpg
Bar Graph in Black and White
01_AA_bar graph_black white detail L.jpg
Light Waves
lens detail 3.jpg
Digital Noise Slice
Scintillating Scotoma Slice
Scintillating Scotoma Slice 3.jpg
Cheese Puff Concentricretion
Termite Circus Concentricretion
Textured concentricretion with red and blue
 The blue color falls aways and the center appears mostly red when viewed from the right side
 detail when viewed from the left side
Textured concentricretion with blue and yellow
diptych side_small.jpg
Sapphire Pool Concentricretion
Grand Prismatic Spring Installation (vertical grid)
Grand Prismatic Spring 2
Grand Prismatic Spring Concentricretion 1
Grand Prismatic Spring 3
Grand Prismatic Spring 4
Grand Prismatic Spring Concentricretion 5
Grand Prismatic Spring 6
Concentricretion Installation for The Alchemist at Root Division, April 2016
Lil' Lumpus
Table for Four
Blister Pack Masks
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